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Sunday, 1st March, 2001 : 3 new scenarios added.


Below are new scenarios designed for your enjoyment.

Salute to "Salute to the Juggers"
On the Wire
Tick Boom!!

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Salute to 'Salute to the Juggers'

Objective : (see map below)
To slam bug onto spike on opponents roof. A bug may be represented by any kind of counter. First to achieve this wins game.
To pick up bug end movement on. To pick up on the run roll over 4 on d10.
To spike bug end movement on spike.
To dive for spike from any where on same roof roll over 4 on d10.
To block dive roll higher than dive score.

Units :
7 a side
3 heavy defenders who are not allowed pass half way
3 med attackers (woos)
1 light runner (chan) the only one allowed to pick up the bug
If runner is taken out one of the med can drop all weapons to take over as runner. If all attackers and runner destroyed game over (draw)

Critical Key :
A concussion critical means that the unit has been knocked down and takes 1 turn to get up during which they may perform no other action. When units carrying the bug suffer a concussion critical they must roll successfully versus their Piloting score or drop the bug.

Turns : No time limit

Start points : Any where behind first row of buildings on own side

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On the Wire

Objective :
Attackers: complete destruction
Defenders: survival
If any defending unit survives they win.

Units :
Attackers: unlimited of any type
Defenders: choice (about 10 units)

Turns 5

Map :
Secure harbour in centre on high ground. Plenty obstacles Starting point Defenders in harbour Attackers off map

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Tick Boom!!

Objective : (see map below)
To survive until the 6th turn.
The arena has 6 buildings each joined by the equally distanced gangways.
Assign each of the buildings a number from 1-6. Each of the buildings has an explosive charge under which is activated randomly.
At the end of each turn roll 1d6 and the appropriate building and any attached gangways are blown up, remove from playing area.
Any units on this building or gangways are destroyed.

Units :
3 per side. Any type.

Starting Point :
Each of the units start on a building top.

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